Grow Your Sales With Paid Search Marketing

What is Paid Search Marketing?

Quite simply, Paid Search Marketing (or pay-per-click) is the fastest way to get in front of your target customers. But it's also very difficult to get right. That's why it is necessary to engage a digital marketing agency that specialises in paid search.

Our experienced PPC analysts will:

  • Help you set realisitc goals for your campaigns based on your market position, products and competitive environment.
  • Optimise your campaigns for the most targeted keywords.
  • Continually test your bid strategies, cost per click and quality score.
  • Research your chosen market and investigate other lucrative markets to enable expansion.

Below is a list of services you will get with Revolver Digital:

  • Devoted Account Manager
  • Campaign Goal Setting
  • Account Structure & Restructure
  • Tailored Bid Management
  • Geo Targeting of Customers
  • Performance Reporting
  • Multi-Platform Advertising
  • Dynamic Keyword Ad Insertion
  • Call Tracking (if appropriate)
  • Transparency (it's your data, we just manage it for you)
  • Text and Display Ad Creation and Optimisation.

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Frequency Asked Questions

How does paid search marketing work?

PPC marketing is a type of marketing whereby you pay the platform (e.g. Google, Bing or Facebook) to list your ad in their search results, on particular pages of a website or in a news feed. You pay each time somebody clicks on your advertisement, which is called your cost-per-click. The point is to get users to click on your ad to drive them to your website or even give you a phone call.

Can Revolver Digital Guarantee Success?

We cannot guarantee success. If we could guarantee success we wouldn't be working on your PPC campaign, we would be sitting on a beach in some exotic location drinking cocktails! That being said, we will use all available tools and knowledge to give you the best chance of success.

How Long Does it Take To Start Seeing Results?

Typically most paid search campaigns will be fully optimised in 3 months. That being said, some smaller industries with less traffic might take 5-6 months.

What Are Your Fees?

Our fees are a monthly fee (called an agency fee) and a percentage of ad spend. Minimum monthly ad spend is $2500 across all platforms.

Why Are You Different To Other PPC Agencies?

We are not just PPC experts. We have built companies just like yours and understand what needs to be done. Our mantra is 'if you succeed, we succeed'.

Mobile AdvertisingĀ 

We do great mobile ads. Over 50% of searchers are now done using a mobile phone.


We continually optimise campaigns to get you highest possible ROI.

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