How We Grew Revenue to $6 Million

The Problem

Back in 2014 Everlast Tarps had hit a fork in the road. Revenue had plateaued at approx $3 million per year and had been at that level for a number of years. Numerous endeavours into newspaper, print and telemarketing advertising had yielded little results. Sure, they had a Facebook page but it wasn't used. They also had a $20 a day Google Adwords™ budget managed by the web developers who built their website. They knew they missing something but just didn't know what...

Ian Brown, Director of Everlast Tarping Systems approached Revolver Digital to conduct a review of their online marketing activities.

The Solution

We started with a full review of their business, their strategy, current websites, sales and gross margin.

Everlast Tarping Systems manufacturers and installs retractable tarping systems for tipper trucks. The unique benefit it provides its customers in comparison to its competitors is that it provides a mobile fitting and repairs service. This is of great benefit to its customers in country areas who don't want the added expense of driving their truck all the way to Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane to get a new tarp fitted.

We advised Everlast to have their website redesigned with 'Minimising Downtime' the key theme of the website. Truck operators and transport company's hate nothing more than having their trucks off the road. If we could clearly show to potential customers the amount of time and money we could save them by utilising Everlast's mobile service we could drive significant leads through our online marketing initiatives.

Once the website was redesigned we began the process of establishing their online marketing channel. We set up tightly themed campaigns in Google Adwords™ with ad text promoting the 'minimising downtime' theme and having clear 'Calls to Action' improving the click through rates (CTR) of their ads by over 350% in comparison to their previous provider. We set up call tracking on their 1300 number to see which keywords were driving phone calls to their business, and adjusted click bids according to which keywords produced the greatest ROI. We also used their existing database of customers to produce remarketing campaigns and followed their customers around the internet. We dynamically reviewed and edited click bids, impressions shares, bounce rates and conversion rates.

The Results

Over the next 2 years we increased Everlast's Adwords™ budget from approx. $500 a month to $17,500 a month. In turn, they attributed an increase of $2.75 million in revenue to this channel, which equated to approx $8 in revenue for every $1 spent on google advertising. This show what can be done by utilising a digital agency with a strong understanding of paid search advertising.

But that wasn't all...

I mentioned earlier that Everlast had a Facebook page. The sales staff were quite active in uploading photos to the page. The problem was nobody was seeing them!

Through our analysis of Facebook's demographic data and the company's database, we were able to find 24,000 new potential customers in New South Wales, 21,000 in Victoria and 17,000 in Queensland. We began targeting these users with messaging that enabled them to identify the company with those elements of the business that would appeal to these people. We got the company to start collecting good quality images of their products and we helped their sales staff with software that could help them schedule these posts. We also used the 'Custom Audience' feature in Facebook to remarket to their existing customer database at opportune moments, such as when they were due for a service of their system.

All in all, we increased their Facebook Advertising budget from $0 to $6500 a month. In turn, they attributed an increase in revenue of $1.4 million to this channel, nearly $12 in revenue for every $1 spent in Facebook Ads.

In total, we spent $325,000 in paid search advertising and $120,000 in Facebook Advertising for a return of $4.15 million. That's over $9 in revenue for every $1 spent in marketing. A no brainer...

Everlast Tarping Systems has now over doubled its revenue in the last two years and has moved into new markets such as New Zealand and the US state of Texas.


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