Why You Should Be Using Bing Ads in 2017


The first paid search platform that company's and digital marketers alike gravitate towards is Google Adwords. Let's face it, in Australia Google has nearly a total monopoly in the search market.

One of the biggest reasons to use Bing Ads is the audience. When you sign up for a Bing Ads Account you get visibility on both Bing and Yahoo. Comscore recently did a study that suggests that there a millions of people worldwide who are using Bing and Yahoo and not Google. This means there is a big missed opportunity if you are not advertising on Bings Ads.

The Bing Ads demographic is also typically an older and has higher disposable income, the latest statistics suggests that a Bing user spend about 7% more online for an equivalent item than somebody does on Google.

In the US, Bing and Yahoo accounts for about 30% of search traffic and we expect to see huge growth with Bing in the next few years, especially due to the success of Windows 10.

Creating a Bing Ads Account

Go to the Bing Ads website and create an account:


You will then be given 3 options:

  1. Import from Google Adwords
  2. Create a new campaign
  3. Skip this step.

Just skip this step for the moment and we will dive into keyword research.


Keyword Research

Bing has a great tool, similar to the Google Adwords Keyword Planner that can help you discover new keywords for your campaign.

Select 'Tools' in the main menu and then select 'Keyword Research' as shown in the below screenshot.


You should then be presented with the following page:


Here you will need to give Bing a starting keyword or phrase so it can generate a list of keywords for you.

As an example, let's say you sell 'truck parts'. Start with a good phrase with commercial intent such as 'truck parts for sale'.


There is also the option of finding keyword suggestions by adding a website or particular URL.


Creating Your First Campaign

Go to the Bing Ads dashboard and hit 'Create Your First Campaign'.


Give your campaign a name, in our case it could be 'Truck Parts' and select either a daily or monthly budget.

Note: The monthly budget option is a quite refreshing alternative to google adwords that only lets you do daily budgets.


You then need to write your text ad.


See how blog post on Writing PPC Text Ads That Get Clicked for some helpful guidance on how to write a killer text ad.

Once you have written your ad you will want to allocate keywords to that ad.


The type can be either 'Broad, 'Broad Match Modifier', 'Phrase Match', 'Exact Match' or 'Negative Match'. Below is how Bing uses your selection when showing your ad based on the keywords you have selected.


There are many more targeting options that we will discuss in a further post, but for now just hit 'Save and Add Payment'.



Bing Ads is a great alternative to Google Adwords. Whilst it might not have the same volume they have made it that easy to duplicate your google adwords campaigns that you would be silly not to give it a try.

Where to Find Out More About Bing Ads

You can find out more about Bing Ads through the following links/articles:

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Neil knows a lot about most things digital marketing and this blog on Bing Ads is no different.

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